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Membership and Membership Rates

There are privileges and perks in the Boston Sunshine Golf Club that normally only a member can enjoy. Becoming a member is easy and would not take a day to complete. Moreover, applying for a membership can be done online. To participate, you must have at least one recommendation from any member of the club.

Membership Fee Enrollment Fee Annual Subscription Monthly Subscription
Individual $250 $3,000 $300
Senior Citizen $200 $2,500 $250
Family $200 (minimum of 4) $5,000 $400
Executive( Single Use) $250 $7,000 $500

All members are qualified to use the amenities within the Boston Sunshine Golf Club, though access will depend on their subscription.

Amenities for Members:

Here are some of the many amenities that our members get to enjoy:

  • Unlimited golf course usage
  • Discounts on the pro-shop with a minimum purchase of $500
  • Discounts in using the clubhouse
  • Use of private functions twice a year
  • Discounted repair fee for equipment, shoes, and others
  • Perks and special offers
  • Green fee discounts for your extra guests
  • Discounted tournaments
  • Unlimited use of our indoor pool

Discounts when using the fitness center