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Back in the mid-1980s, two individuals had the vision that a piece of terrains with deep gullies would become one of the most known golf course in the history of West Virginia. Using the right amount of architectural knowledge, no one would have thought the place could become a site for golfers.

Harold Johnson was the man who bought the land and visualized the place. Along with Kevin Brown who was then the top graduate student in Harvard University for Architectural Engineering, both have provided the world what would be the best place to play golf, as what Times Magazine has to say.

To date, the Boston Sunshine Golf Club is one of the best courses in the US with the best combination of fun and challenge. There is also the right number of holes here, with the yardage having the longest par of 200 yards. The majestic creation of the golf course has given a sense of balance with a flow that the architect has to receive respect for.