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Both Harold and Kevin have visualized the same concept to make a long-lasting, unique, and beautifully-made golf club. This is alongside their plan to make the clubhouse as cozy as possible. The creation of the clubhouse started in 1983, and its design is based on historic houses in the history of America.

The original parts of the clubhouse are entirely made of stylish wood and frames. However, re-designing was made in 1995, but the old design is still intact. Almost 70% of the windows are made of glass and feature a 9 triangular glass panel. There’s also a long veranda fronting the man-made lake.

Kevin also wanted to let the interior design attractive as much as possible. The 150,000 square foot clubhouse contains an indoor pool, a bowling alley, 1,000 lockers, private functions, penthouse, and massive fitness center.

The kitchen is where different kinds of dishes are served. There is also a selection of foods, beverages, and wineries. A group made of five chefs who are experts in making Asian, Mediterranean and Western, Italian, and South American cuisines will be the ones to serve your meal.