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Welcome to Boston Sunshine Golf Club!

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The Boston Sunshine Golf Club is no doubt one of the best golf clubs in West Virginia and across the US. Our customer service is always there to help you and accommodate our guests and members. Meanwhile, our clubhouse is great for a staycation and is open for any events. It is our goal is to make your every golf experience memorable just like great home decor.

We have one of the largest yardages in the area, with a fishing lake in the middle. Our course is strategically placed in a location where you can see the whole downtown while showcasing your skills. The Boston Sunshine Golf Club is also a place of challenge and a perfect place for both newbie, amateur, and professional golfers. We have many professional golf trainers who can help hone your talent and can accommodate all ages.

We encourage everybody to visit Boston Sunshine Golf Club to experience a comfortable way of playing while keeping yourself challenged, this includes new mothers too. There are also a number of tasty beverages and dishes waiting for you. Of course, you can get to enjoy all of these experiences at very fair prices. Get to experience playing golf like never before only at Boston Sunshine Golf Club.